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FAQs Continued



  1. What is your Privacy Policy and where can I read it?
    Privacy of a patient's medical information has always been of critical concern to this practice. Governments now require that certain organisations have a Privacy Policy, and you can read our Privacy Policy. You can find out more about privacy from the Privacy Commissioner.
  2. If I change practices, what happens to my medical file?
    Your medical file is actually owned by the practice that prepares and maintains it. If you change to another medical practice, ask your new doctor to contact us to see about a copy of your file being sent (or even a summary letter of your medical case information).
    We are not able to release letters and reports written by other doctors or organisations, without their consent. Note that it is important that your account is up-to-date before we will send your medical file to another practice. If you are transferring from another practice, simply ask to fill in a Transfer Request and we will do the rest.
  3. Can I get a copy of a specialist's report so that I can give it to myself\employer\solicitor\police\family?
    No, not from us. Copyright for the report rests with the author, in this case the specialist. You should direct your inquiry to the specialist concerned. It may be possible for your GP to write a letter (a fee may be charged for this service) in which the relevant part(s) of the specialist's report is paraphrased, and this may do, so ask your doctor.
  4. Is there a charge to send my medical file or a letter to another practice?
    Currently there is no charge for this service. Please note that if there is a significant amount of photocopying and/or handling required, a charge may be levied which is not rebatable from Medicare.
  5. What are a patient's rights regarding access to their medical records?
    The patient has the right to correct errors of fact contained in the practice's medical record. If you are concerned about the contents of the medical record, you should discuss it with your doctor. You will not be permitted to take away copies, for example, of letters and/or reports unless you first make written application in writing to the Privacy Officer, however.
  6. Who has access to a patient's medical records?
    Patients can requests access to their medical record by writing to the Privacy Officer at the practice address. We often receive requests from Insurance companies and solicitors for reports on a patient's medical condition, we do not respond to these requests unless we have a signed release from the patient to provide information to the requesting party. Please note that generally you can discuss the contents of your medical file in a consultation with your doctor.
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