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FAQs Continued



  1. What services do you provide?
    See our Services page.
  2. Do you do home visits?
    Yes but these are limited. See our home visits.
  3. Do you have female doctors?
    Yes, visit our Doctors Information page.
  4. Do any of your doctors deliver babies?
    Currently none of our doctors provide private-sector deliveries. See Shared Care services for further information.
  5. Do you provide Accident & Emergency ('Casualty') services?
    Do Launceston's private hospitals provide these services?

    No, we do not provide hospital-style Accident & Emergency (A&E) Services. For these services, you must attend the Launceston General Hospital. Currently, no private hospital in Launceston provides A&E services, although this could change. (Calvary Health Care)

    Although we do not provide A&E services, there are a number of situations, generally less serious, where we may be able to help you during normal opening hours (Open Hours page). This would include lacerations that might need suturing; possible fractures of bones in the hand, arm, or leg; small-area burns; foreign bodies lodged in the skin or eye; these are examples, there are others. If you are in doubt, consider telephoning and asking us. If we think that your problem would be better managed by immediate attendance at the hospital, then you will be advised to go there, possibly with ambulance assistance if appropriate. (Tasmanian Ambulance Service)
  6. Will my GP admit/visit me in the public hospital (Launceston General Hospital)?
    General practitioners currently do not have admitting rights to public hospitals, except in some rural and remote areas. This means that, although we can and do refer patients to the public hospital strongly recommending admission, the final decision rests with hospital staff. And except as noted above, your GP does not have official treating or management status on any visit to a public hospital.
  7. My GP referred me to the public hospital requesting admission, but I wasn't admitted, what now?
    Normally you should see your doctor as soon as possible for further review. The hospital may have made arrangements (for example an appointment at the outpatient clinic) for further follow-up.
  8. Can my GP admit me to a private hospital?
    Yes. The doctors at this practice have admitting rights to private hospitals in Launceston.
  9. Can my GP admit me for palliative care?
    Yes. The doctors at this practice have admitting rights to Calvary St Luke's Hospital where there are both public and private palliative care beds.
  10. Will my doctor visit me if I am admitted for temporary 'respite' care only, to a nursing home outside of the practice area?
    Yes. However, it is normally not necessary for your doctor to visit you while you are in respite care, as this is usually only for one or two weeks at a time. Make sure that you have your doctor prepare a medication chart prior to your admission.
  11. I am being admitted as a permanent resident to a northern suburbs aged-care facility (Aldersgate Village Rocherlea) which is a long way from my current doctor, can you look after me?
    Yes. If your current doctor makes a formal written referral to our practice, we will be pleased to do so. You or your family may wish to talk to your current doctor about this.
  12. Can I get a 'permanent' referral to see my specialist?
    Under certain circumstances this is possible, but currently only for a maximum of five years.
  13. Do you complete special forms for Centrelink/Taxi Concession/Disabled Parking/Hospital Admission?
    Yes. However, you will normally need to attend in person to have these forms completed. A charge may be made for the completion of some of these forms particularly if not completed in the context of a normal consultation.
  14. Will my doctor visit me if I am admitted as a permanent resident to a nursing home outside of the practice area?
    No. Our policy is to only attend residents of aged care institutions in the practice area ('north of the North Esk River') - currently this includes Aldersgate Village Rocherlea. If you are admitted for permanent residential care to an institution outside of this area, we will need to formally transfer your continuing care to a doctor closer-by.
  15. Why do I always have to get a repeat referral letter to continue to see a specialist?
    You don't have to have a continuing referral to see a specialist. However, to access a Medicare rebate at the specialist level, you must have a valid referral. Updated referrals can also be helpful, as your medical situation (such as your medication) may have changed and your specialist will normally be interested to know that.
  16. Is it important for my GP to be kept up-to-date by any other doctors that I see outside the practice?
    It is vitally important that your GP is kept up-to-date by any other doctors or health care providers that you might see outside of the practice - ask the doctor/health care provider to do so, they may not do that if you don't ask.
    For example, if you attend the Family Planning Clinic for a pap smear or prescription, you should always ask them to send a copy of results or change in prescriptions to your doctor (but note that in this example these services can be provided here, see the Services page).
  17. How do I make a complaint about the service I have received from your practice?
    We take all complaints seriously. We want you to be satisfied with our services and we regard complaints as a potential opportunity to improve the quality of the services that we provide. In the first instance, consider just simply discussing your complaint with your doctor or the practice manager, as the problem often can be easily fixed without taking it any further. If you feel that you want to make a formal complaint about our services including how we handle your accounts, then you should consider putting your complaint in writing to:
    The Practice Manager
    Northern Suburbs Medical Service
    PO Box 349
    Mowbray Heights TAS 7248
    Health Complaints Commissioner
    Enquiries: Monday to Friday 9:00am-5:00pm (excluding public holidays)
    Phone: 1800 001 170 (free call in Tasmania)
    Street: Ground Floor 99 Bathurst St, Hobart 7000
    Postal: GPO Box 960 Hobart 7001
    Note: that the Health Complaints Commissioner normally prefers that complaints be resolved 'at source' if possible, rather than by the intervention of an outside organisation.
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