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Nurse Clinics

Our practice now has a range of services conducted in clinics run by our practice nurses, in conjunction with your doctor.
These clinics can make it easier to have care provided for you, particularly if a doctor appointment is not immediately available or the time available does not suit. In addition, generally the cost to you is lower to see a nurse in one of our clinics.
Practice nurses who conduct these clinics are appropriately trained and work closely with our doctors. Although you will normally not see the doctor when attending, our practice nurses will consult with one of the doctors on duty should a difficulty arise or if the care arrangement needs medical review.
The clinics can be booked by contacting us on 6336 0555, and currently include the following:

Foot clinic

This clinic is for practice patients, particularly the elderly, who have difficulty in maintaining simple foot care, for example correct toenail maintenance.
Please note that this is not a podiatry service and if you have complex needs, particularly if you are a diabetic, you will normally need to be referred to professional podiatry services.
The clinic is conducted one morning or day a week according to demand. No Medicare rebate currently applies for this service.

Immunisation clinic

All childhood immunisations can be performed. A written record is kept and can be made available if required for example for school entry or Centrelink purposes. Other immunisations can be performed including Gardasil (cervical cancer vaccine), influenza, and anti-pneumonia vaccine. Other vaccinations can be performed (with a doctor's order) including overseas travel vaccines, hepatitis vaccine, and others such as tetanus and whooping-cough boosters for adults.
Please note that after any immunisation you will be required to wait for 15 minutes prior to leaving the surgery in case a reaction occurs (such reactions to vaccines are extremely rare).
A Medicare rebate can apply for this service.

IV Therapy Clinics

IV Therapy Clinics - intrvavenous infusions available for Oesteoporosis, iron deficeincies, antibiotics and hydration treatments.

Pap smear clinic

Women can now book to have a female practice nurse perform Pap smears (cervical cancer early-detection test) which are currently recommended to be performed every two years for sexually active women (more often if a problem has been detected).
Please note that your (male) doctor can perform Pap smears. Women who are happy to have male doctors perform this vital test should continue to do so as otherwise the nurse clinic may become over-booked.
The practice relies on the State Government Cervical Cancer Registry to provide reminder advice to Tasmanian women about the need for their next Pap smear. However, we strongly recommend that you take responsibility for this into your own hands, and keep your own diary record of your past smears, and when your next one is due. Taking responsibility also includes contacting the practice within one week of the Pap smear being done and finding out about your test result.
The clinic is conducted one morning a fortnight (or weekly according to demand). A Medicare rebate can apply for this service.

Spirometry Clinic

Spirometry Clinic - held each Tuesday where patients whom have respiratiory conditions ie asthma, COAD or smoke can have their lung function monitored and referrals can be made to appropriate Doctors and Specialists.

Wound clinic

"Wounds" are common and include 'acute' wounds such as cuts, and 'chronic' wounds such as leg ulcers often found in the elderly and in diabetics.
Care by the practice nurse in the wound clinic can range from reassessment following suturing of a laceration and the taking out of the sutures (stitches), to wound cleansing and re-application of hi-tech dressings to chronic (long-term) leg ulcers often many times over an extended period sometimes even up to a year until full healing has occurred.
The clinic is conducted most weekday mornings, according to demand. A Medicare rebate can apply for this service.

Pre-assessment clinic

Not so much a 'clinic' but rather an opportunity for a pre-assessment by a practice nurse if a doctor's appointment is not immediately available, and when the need for an appointment is not associated with a general practice medical emergency.
If you feel that there is a need for an appointment with a doctor on the day but none is available, practice staff may recommend that you see a practice nurse for pre-assessment. If after speaking with you and performing a nursing examination the practice nurse feels that a doctor's intervention is required, the doctor will be informed and action taken, which may include the doctor then seeing you (or your family member) personally. An alternative is that it might be agreed that immediate doctor review is not required and an appointment at a later date is arranged.
In conducting a pre-assessment, practice nurses know that if they are in any way concerned they will contact one of our doctors for further advice.
There is no formal 'clinic' time for this service. A fee may be charged for this service and currently no Medicare rebate is available.
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