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Working as a receptionist/support staff member in a community general medical practice like Northern Suburbs Medical Service (NSMS) is an important job. This job requires great 'people' skills, the ability to think quickly 'on your feet', and also to be able to work under stress but to come up smiling every time. Receptionist work in any business can be demanding. But working as a receptionist in a medical practice is special - read on to see why.
As one of our receptionists, you will possess a pleasant personality, an efficient manner, a clean well-presented appearance, and be sympathetic to the needs of patients you serve, many of whom are ill at the time of presentation - you may be seeing 'your' patients on one of the worst days of their lives, and so will need special handling.
You will provide Reception, Administrative, and Clerical services to patients and doctors.
Your ability to communicate effectively using the telephone will be of paramount importance.
You will often act as intermediary between the patient and the doctor - a critically-important task often involving highly personal and confidential medical information - whilst ensuring that your work proceeds smoothly and efficiently. You will assist in with the delivery of administrative services, which may include reception, records, work-processing, banking, petty cash, and other non-nursing duties, as well as the processing of accounts, taking of money, registration of new patients, and making appointments.

Your Responsibilities

You will often have to assist (with the assistance of nursing or medical staff as required) patients to decide how urgent or not their need is for an appointment - this often requires great sensitivity and tact, as patients will often be experiencing the stress of illness personally, or regarding someone else such as the mother of an ill child.
A key responsibility for this position is the maintenance of patient information confidentiality - please read our Privacy Policy. You will be required to sign a binding agreement regarding the privacy of both patient and all practice information, including after you leave our employment.
Because you will also be directly handing money, you will be a person of absolutely honest and sound character. Please note that all persons applying for a position at NSMS must present an up-to-date Copy of Convictions prior to any interview, which is obtainable, currently without charge, from the Tasmania Police. Note that there can be some delay in obtaining a Copy of Convictions, and so you should contact the police service early if you are thinking of putting in an application to work with us
You will need to scroll down and click on the words 'Medical Practitioners (Private Sector) Award'. The Award is changed regularly, and you may need to check elsewhere on the government web site to get the necessary information. Please ask us for pay details if you are having difficulty finding them.
Further information about becoming part of Northern Suburbs Medical Service. [Read more…]
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